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Razor Dirt Bike MX350 Review in 2020


RAZOR DIRT BIKE MX350 Greatest Electric Dirt Bike 2020 Razor Brand is among the best dirt bike manufacturers that are focusing on supplying the very best riding experience in the very first moment. Razor was set in 2000 and immediately became the star of American Culture.

Nowadays, Razor has become quite famous and is now offering a complete lineup of award-winning products which are inspirational and exciting bicycle riders all over the world.


Now we’re going to go over a multiple toy holder dirt bicycle which has been commended in Sports Illustrated for children and is called as RAZOR DIRT BIKE MX350 Electric Motocross Bike. It is a scaled-down, electric-powered Electric Dirt Bike for Kids that permits the young cyclists to enjoy and live their off-road dreams.


So everyone the things that you wish to understand about this outclass entertaining way dirt bike for young riders will be discussed on this site.

Key attributes:


Footpegs are foldable for compact parking

Using a high torque engine, it may reach up to rates of 14 miles

Electric dirt bicycle rubber grips on the handle create long rides comfy

Excellent quality materials


It is a scaled-down electric motocross dirt bike, created for off-road riding with high quality substances used inside which makes it the ideal dirt bike for young riders and can be praised all over the world. Its entire structure is Made from high quality sturdy stainless steel using genuine dirt bike geometry


Super silent


Among the greatest characteristics of the Electric Dirt Bike for Kids is its own silent nature. It’s not noisy at all that’s Great for the young riders that they can ride with no anxieties and with Complete confidence


So be prepared to get messy from the dirt using MX350 dirt bike for children. That makes it one of the most effective electric dirt bikes for children.


Adaptive riser handlebars


The handlebars are adjustable riser design and it includes a dual crown fork too. Other features include half an hour of constant usage, all-steel construction, retractable kickstand, double suspension, and a whole lot more.


These handlebars have soft rubber for a stronger and secure grip when riding the tough terrains filled with bumps and barriers in addition to a side-by-side back brake for a quick and secure stop.




RAZOR DIRT BIKE MX350 for children to rate is around 14 miles with no pedaling required. It’s enough speed to depart additional pocket dirt bikes behind in the dust. You may love riding this dirt bike for certain.


High torque engine


This electrical dirt bike includes high torque, single-speed, the chain-driven electrical motor of 350 watts using a twist grip throttle for powerful and super silent control. It’s a powerful and Remarkable performance


It may travel for approximately ten miles within one cost. So, its journey can easily be appreciated for a very long length of timings. In addition to this, a UL approved battery charger can also be given together with all the dirt bikes.

As much as 30 minutes of use wouldn’t influence its strong charging but after that, you need to control it for approximately 12 hours.


Age limitation


RAZOR DIRT BIKE MX350 is one of the finest Electric Dirt Bike for children aged 13 years and over from this that they can enjoy a secure and positive riding experience. It’s noticed from reviews which additionally, it suits nicely to 9-12-year-old children.


This Electric Dirt Bike has operated rear brake to prevent safely if you need and also a retractable kickstand that provides enough contact with the floor and supports the bicycle nicely.



There’s a battery charger as well as your purchase and two 12v lead-acid batteries which are sealed. There’s light assembly needed but it’s not complex or hard to perform.


When the battery is fully charged, your youngster will have the capacity tom ride around ten miles on a single charge. It’s an excellent first dirt bike for the child they will because they begin in their dirt bike experience. It’s very good for ages 13 and up and has a 90 day warranty too.


Weight limitation


Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike fat limitation is 140 pounds (64 kg) so hefty weight riders may also appreciate its ride with no matter, so if you’re slim or hefty, love this dirt bicycle ride freely. Its limitation goes up to 150 pounds.

In-ear feet


This electrical dirt bike has dependable and higher performance folding feet. They’re nice ways to repair your dirt bike with precise components and accessories. In addition to this, they also remain out of their way whilst riding for people who don’t need to use them throughout their ride.


Layout and color


Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids includes a dual crown fork which appears very nice and provides this bike a gorgeous design. This bike can be found from the blue color that appears very enchanting and stunning.


The dirt bike includes a special mixture of distinct colours. The vibrant colors provide fresh energy and look attractive to the eyes, as kids are usually drawn to colors, they locate the dirt bicycle Razor MX 350 extremely attractive.




Razor MX350 gives a great 90 days guarantee. Each one the Razor goods are trustable and also they don’t have any flaws in any way, so this product is completely non-returnable and you’ll always appreciate this.




Razor MX350 Dirt Bike is offered in the cheap range to everybody.


This makes it a fantastic alternative for off-road biking, therefore warn your children not to invest too much time around the asphalt and concrete, as it might damage the tires and framework. Speaking of this framework, it’s easy to put together, which means that you may set your child on the track almost immediately, provided that it is fully charged. 


Additionally, it functions as one speed, making it effortless to work for younger children who haven’t graduated to gears in their bikes yet. This single rate also ensures that they stay in control and do not fight to conquer nearby hills or living the occasional incline. Additionally, it utilizes a dependable rear-operated fracture for additional security assurance.


Razor allows your kid to have a flavor of an off-road experience with this particular dirt bike. It’s a work of art and technology creativity that’s really hard to find at this budget. Next, it’s a frame made from heavy-duty tubular steel which will easily support the weight of your children. Additionally, it is not as vulnerable to rusting too and dirt or water splashes will not do some harm.


The tires are rocky and have a blueprint that could easily undergo tomb terrain without sacrificing grip. However, the very best thing that your kid gets with this bicycle is exceptional control. Thus, your child can handle unpredictable roads.

  • [i2prosQuite simple to ride the bicycle, even a novice can ride .
  • Simple to function, features easy functions.
  • UL accepted charger
  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • Large pneumatic knobby tires
  • Sturdy stainless steel frame
  • 350-watt high torque electric motor
  • Some assembly is needed
  • a Bit small bike for adolescents



Summary Recommended age for this particular bicycle is 14+ years, but realistically it's a much better match for 8-12 year olds based on its dimensions. Obviously, you understand your kid's abilities better than anybody else, so it is your choice to make the choice.


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