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Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike | Dual Suspension MTB Rocky


Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike one is one of my favorite folding mountain bikes. It is a color combination and the gorgeous design anybody may have fallen in love with it.

This stunning looking foldable bicycle with aluminum metal 17-inch framework and 26-inch suspension wheels, A high quality suspension fork surely could fulfill your heart and spirit by driving hill easily with relaxation.

Together with the superb complete suspension and with all the 24 rates it could be easily ridden into the uphill. It is an excellent looking bike and aisles fairly well the simple to fold and the machine takes just a couple of times.

This wonderful design collapsible bicycle can be your very best companion when riding the mountain. Let us find out it is comfortability, the durability of the reliability whilst riding the mountain.

Main Feature


When the bike is being hauled to you personally, you will discover that it is 90% constructed, meaning you will only need up to 20 minutes to do the rest of the assembling. The front and back disk have been designed using a 24-speed shifting system which will give you an opportunity to pick the best rate you need to accomplish your travels.


It’s strongly recommended that in case you haven’t ever constructed any bicycle and don’t have any thoughts about how best to do it, particularly the steering, please seek assistance from a specialist.



This bike adopts premium excellent aluminum alloy frame, The framework combines with the front fork and center frame are filled up with relaxation shock absorption ability. It looked as lightweight. This light aluminum frame has sufficient electricity to minimize shock stems in the stones and dirt surface


Suspension Fork


The suspension fork absorbs bulge and gives the rider a more smooth and controller riding adventure. This is a bicycle that’s been created with an aluminum alloy framework. That goes hand in hand with the front fork as well as the middle frame packaged with all the very best shock absorption suspensions so you proceed in almost any path easily.


Smooth Shifting


It’s a bicycle that accompanies a 24-speed shifting platform, meaning you could pick any rate so you can finish your travel easily. But keep in mind that the access to perfect brakes will make certain you’ve got perfect safety.


This bicycle indexed with 24 rates. So it’s simple to ride the uphill along with a controller downhill riding. To prevent or stop any sort of bad situation while riding fast this bicycle has a rather strong braking system.


Two Fastening Clamps


A folding bicycle means there is a location where there’s a joint. Consequently, if a bicycle is not likely to get the very best clamp, then you’re never at security. That’s the reason why the accessibility of two fastening clamps helps to ensure you have dual security.


Lightweight :

The Cyrusher FR100 is the best lightweight foldable mountain bicycle. It’s a comfy saddle and simple to fold and take. You may easily carry this bicycle on bus or terrain or even you may store it anywhere in your flat.


Cozy Saddle:

A saddle is referred to as a chair. It’s by far the most crucial component for riding effortlessly. Every bicycle comes with good leather. The FR100 mountain bicycle has a comfy saddle that produces a ride unwind. To get a long time riding, the ideal chair doing a very important duty.


Compact Folding Size


  1. Together with the tiny folding dimensions, it means you could take this bicycle with you wherever and whenever you prefer.
  2. It’s not hard to assemble.
  3. The folding feature it has is trendy hence making it effortless to fit in a vehicle. 
  4. It can visit any trail with no issue, due to the greater wheels it’s. 
  5. Was made with an aluminum metal framework to make sure its durability.


Installing directions

This bicycle is 90 percent constructed when you’ll get it. You must spend only 15 to 20 minutes to construct the rest of its parts.


The scooter is exceptional and it utilizes fat Tires that may quickly take on the various kinds of off-road terrains. This rims and tires smooth the riding and you’ll receive the very best form of mountain riding adventure.

  • Premium quality components allow it to be durable and lightweight;
  • Front and rear disk brakes keep the cyclist secure even in high rates and down cluttered terrains;
  • Chaoyang MTB fat tires which cruise through some terrain;
  • It's fitted with a quick-release clamp to Help in folding the bicycle fast;
  • Best excellent shock absorption parts.
  • Not great to be utilized on a rough path.
  • Might miss meeting directions

Most Often Asked Question and Response (FAQ)

Why is this bike too little for 6'1" individual?

 I’d say no more, it isn’t too tiny. I am 5’11” and that is just 2″ briefer, it works good for me.e.

What's to battery and engine dimensions?

 It Isn’t electrical

Who's This Motorcycle Made for?

This bike is designed for people that are looking for moveability without compromising any performance problem. It’s also created for who wish to saving space in your home or office

Where's this bicycle made? What nation?

 Hello, the bicycle has been made in China. The Dark orange shade has US inventory.



Summary If you receive any flaws as soon as you've obtained this Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike, you're assured of the very best customer support compared to any other kind. It's the ideal bike to be utilized in any other route street and it'll carry you.

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