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Camp 26 Alloy Folding Mountain Bike | Dual Suspension MTB Rocky

Camp 26 Alloy Folding Mountain Bike

Camp 26 Alloy Folding Mountain Bike includes a dual-suspension framework, and the frame is made from durable alloy. You will find 21-speed gears, also it’s a 26-inch bike.

The metal disc brake is powerful, and you will find double-wall metal side rims. In addition, you’ll discover the fast removable front manage stem and folding knob.

Main Feature


This collapsible bicycle has won the heart of several bicycles enthusiastic for not just by its amazing features but its own comfortability, durability, and dependability.

For simple transport from 1 spot to another and effortless storage, capabilities allow it to be exceptional. The very best aspect of the fordable mountain bicycle is that it cans folds over 10 seconds with no tools.

 21-speed gears

This bicycle is unique for others motive such as, It’s 21-speed gears therefore fast enough for athletic activities. Simple to build and folds it only take around 10 minutes.


This bicycle is treated as lightweight and contains great weight carrying capacities and each piece of the bike is dependable and comfortable.

rims and wheels

It’s quick-release front wheels attributes along with also the rims and wheels come from a metal that’s durable and dependable. Let us go deep to understand the elements of the wonderful bike.


This mild framework has an amazing degree of shock absorption capacities. Any sort of mountainous terrain you’re able to undergo without fretting about the harm or break.

double suspension

This is a double suspension foldable mountain bike. To get a smooth and management riding rocks and dirt, this suspension is fantastic. It reduces lumps and gives smooth and dependable riding. So you receive the exhausted less and comfy ride for quite a very long moment.


So you get sufficient rates for sporting and fast rates. There’s not any hassle to alter those 21 speeds. The Shimano parts are nicely dependable.



It includes metal disc brakes mechanics. This sort of renowned for its durability and dependability. It’s sufficient power of quitting capacity from any rates. The pedals can be immediately eliminated.

front wheels

Camp 26 includes quick-release front wheels. It’s possible to readily launch and unfold the bicycle most part. This bicycle’s fronts manage stem and folding fold also fast removal center complete. The rims are mild and it utilizes double-wall metal CNC side rim. It can operate smoothly and easily on stones as well as the paved surface of this mountainous terrain.

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Folding mountain bike
  • Double suspension system
  • 21 rates
  • Alloy disc brakes
  • Adjustable kickstand
  • Reasonable Price
  • Chair is uncomfortable

Most Often Asked Question and Response (FAQ)

I currently weigh about 260-270 lbs. Will this bicycle pose a problem? I read the bicycle is graded 250lbs.

The bicycle is very strongly constructed. I consider 290 and the bicycle gives me a fantastic ride.

What sort of brakes and gears bicycle has?

Shimano tourney equipment 21speed. YinXing Mechanic disk brake. Thanks

One reviewer stated rapid release front bicycle / Do all colour variants include a fast release front bicycle.

I will say black and red doesn’t come with rapid release unless the producer upgraded it because my purchase



Summary Camp 26 Alloy Folding Mountain Bike is comfortability, durability, and dependability. The very best aspect of the foldable mountain bicycle is that it cans folds over 10 seconds with no tools.

Fold Time

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