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Our Top 10 best recumbent exercise bike  In 2020  – Reviews

best recumbent exercise bike

The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike could be a fantastic addition to your home fitness center — however they may also be a number of the more complex cardio workout machines available on the market.

To wind up with the ideal version for you, it is vital to understand what attributes to search for in your bicycle.

Regardless of your budget or physical fitness objectives, contemplating these attributes can allow you to make a more educated decision in regards to purchasing Recumbent Exercise Bike!

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Comparision Table

1) SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike with Heart Rate Monitoring

The Sole R92 chooses the best place on the list as a result of its leading performance and snazzy extras, without the hefty price tag. It is built to assist customers of all sizes and revel in stages to get an extraordinary workout, with top notch performance specs and a few thoughtful added touches.

Past the core attributes, the R92 also comprises a large 9″ backlit LCD display which shows data and handles the treadmill’s built-in exercise applications. Bluetooth connectivity, built in speakers along with an onboard USB port provides additional functionality.

Even the R92 is a smaller, less expensive version of the impressive LCR which nabbed the top spot with this listing. As a budget version, it is priced right under $1000, even though if available you can occasionally find it for under $900.

This bike has a hardy, heavy-duty framework plus a surprisingly hefty, 20 pound flywheel. There are not many bicycles on this listing packing a heavier flywheel compared to the R92 and this is evident once you feel how smooth that surgery is.

This excess weight can also be evident once you examine the general burden of the machine- approximately 130 pounds.

This generates a good bike that’s going to feel much like the industrial grade machines we have used at the regional gyms.

Sole did not add a good deal of fancy recumbent bike features on the R92 since, well, that is not really their thing.

The Sole Fitness R92 also includes a fantastic warranty (especially for its price): life frame, 3 year parts, and electronics, and 1-year labour.

If you’re searching for a bicycle using a fancy touchscreen display along with also a lot of built-in exercise programs, the R92 is not the best option for ya.

But in case you’re looking for an economical, reliable bike That’s Simple to Use and has an Excellent guarantee, Sole’s R92 Is a Superb Option and Best Recumbent Exercise Bike.

  • 20 degrees of magnetic resistance will match
  • many users
  • Sturdy and durable framework
  • 20lb flywheel for a smooth ride
  • 9" backlit LCD display and built-in speakers
  • Somewhat more expensive than several other recumbent bicycles
  • Compatibility 90% 90%
  • Riding 92% 92%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 94% 94%

2) schwinn recumbent bike series 270

It includes 25 degrees of immunity, 29 programmed workouts, and also a slew of features such as Bluetooth, heartbeat monitoring, speakers and fans which make exercising (surprisingly ) something you will anticipate.

The DualTrack screen process is an advanced screen that permits you to prop your iPad tablet or publication directly in front of you on the main LCD monitor screen, but you will still view your fitness information on the secondary display. And should you would like to rock out to the bicycle’s in mouse speakers, simply plug your MP3 player into the USB port.

Walk-Through Design: such as other recumbent bicycles, the 270 is simple to get. There is no pub impeding your accessibility into the seat, and the bicycle is reduced to the floor than upright bikes are.


Comfortable Chairs:

Chairs are among the most significant elements on a recumbent bicycle. The seat chair used here has great lumbar support and cushioning. The back enables airflow to keep you cool.



This system is not quite heavy; the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike weighs only 88 lbs. Nevertheless, it’s a 300-pound capacity. Centre help is included for added stability. It is cut up into 25 amounts

Built-In Fitness Programs:

a lot of training service is supplied via 29 application modes. You will find 12 profile workouts and eight heartbeat control exercises (beginner, advanced and habit ). Furthermore, trainees may save programs, take fitness evaluations and attempt various other choices


More Extras:

This bicycle has water bottle holders, a three-speed enthusiast, a USB charging port, and a tray. Many people today believe the console is perplexing because it’s so many options. Below are a few other potential pitfalls.

Not for Tall People:

Tall riders can’t stretch their legs with this bicycle.


Weak Packaging:

Schwinn Exercise bicycles are broken in dispatch over others are. The packaging is not as powerful as it needs to be.

Manual Monitor Very Great:

Luckily this bicycle has wireless heartbeat monitoring. At times the manual heartbeat monitor does not work in any way.

  • Secured using a 1-year guarantee.
  • smooths lump design with dual full suspension bicycle for road biking and raises controller for fluid riding.
  • High quality and durable Shimano gear parts.
  • Best mountain bike under 300
  • Adaptive construction.
  • can use a better chair.
  • Could reap the benefits of minor upgrading of a few components.
  • Compatibility 90% 90%
  • Riding 90% 90%
  • Look 80% 80%
  • Rating 85% 85%

3) Fitness reality X-Class 410 Recumbent Bike

  • Fitness reality X class 410 recumbent exercise bike it’s the main feature is airsoft sleep, an adjustable backrest with lumbar support, the cardio exercises is an essential part of a well-rounded fitness program, and recumbent bikes provide cardio health benefits, with no impact stress on your joints and back 

    Constructed from a durable performance-tested steel frame the fitness reality acts class 410 boasts a 350-pound weight capacity and a unique step-through design that facilitates effortless mounting and dismounting to ensure rider comfort during intense workouts.

    It features an air chamber cushioned soft textured see using airsoft technology and a three angle-adjustable backrest with lumbar support to reduce back strain. 

    Furthermore, a built-in cooling fan with a pair of speakers and a quiet drive belt system allows riders to work out to their favorite music comfortably, and uninterrupted at the front of the bike the fitness. 

    Its dual backlit LCD screen where you can set up to 4 user profiles also presents helpful workout readouts including speed distance rpm calories speed and heart pulse with adjustable angles for convenience.

    Its transportation wheels make relocating the bike simple and easy.

  • adjustable backrest with lumbar support
  • dual backlit LCD screen
  • 350-pound weight capacity
  • durable performance-tested steel frame
  • Comfortable
  • easily adjustable seat
  • poor customer service
  • Compatibility 85% 85%
  • Riding 85% 85%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 90% 90%

4) 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike

3G Cardio is a superb commercial quality Recumbent bike. It’s a 115-lb monster that’s everything you search for. This well-constructed recumbent bicycle includes a backlit LCD screen to permit you to keep track of your fitness progress and spare your fitness regimen on the device.

It provides four user profiles that allow four users to produce custom made programs and also save the regular work out. Though the console includes 16 built-in exercise preset-programs to get you started instantly, it does not feature wireless/Bluetooth connectivity capacity, so you can not interact with the digital environment.

Three of those preset-programs are heart rate controlled that keeps you inside the physician-recommended heart rate goal.

The pedals include long-lasting cranks and adjustable straps. While the burden of the flywheel isn’t available, we think it is a sensible weight since the bicycle supports up to 350 pounds. Remember that using magnetic immunity, the flywheel weight isn’t a massive element.

The frame is quite sturdy, too, and remains stable throughout the intense exercise and easily adjusts the chair. Therefore, tall and short exercisers can locate the ideal place for their recumbent work out.

Another motive 3G Elite is among the very best recumbent bicycles is the simple step-through and the reduced step-up height. The ample guarantee significant characteristic of the indoor cycling bike is your very long warranty stipulations.

  • Built-in heartbeat detectors on the hand-grips
  • Quiet magnetic resistance
  • 3 Heart Rate apps
  • 4 User Interface
  • Great guarantee
  • Entirely commercial grade
  • 350-Lb user burden service
  • Accommodates tall and short users
  • Easy to maneuver about
  • Lacks in Bluetooth, ANT/+ connectivity that means no electronic entertainment (e.g., iPhone/iPad compatibility)
  • Does Not have USB and MP3 vents
  • This recumbent bicycle additionally lacks in speaker and cooling enthusiast
  • Compatibility 80% 80%
  • Riding 70% 70%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 80% 80%

5) Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

It’s also outfitted with a lot of attributes.

There are two significant LCD screens using a blue backlight and they’ll show you around 13 exercise particulars.

29 apps will help keep your workouts interesting all of the time, and you’ll have the ability to alter and adapt your routine to satisfy different exercise objectives.

Resistance levels are extremely beneficial since you’re in a position to begin in your skill resistance level, then progress from there.

It prevents injuries and also can assist you to meet your fitness goals better. Additionally, there are 4 different user profiles so that you may talk about the stationary exercise bicycle with your family or friends while nevertheless not messing up your own coaching programs.

Grip heart rate and telemetry are permitted via the chest strap.

Additionally, in my estimation, the cost is at the center, and it could be on a costly side but this type of contemporary recumbent bicycle for home gym use including all the attributes is actually well worth it.

  • Best with App
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • This bicycle has the following guarantee (which is very good for this price range): a 10-year framework, 3-year components, 3-year electronic equipment, 1-year labor.
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Compatibility 70% 70%
  • Riding 80% 80%
  • Look 85% 85%
  • Rating 80% 80%

6) XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver

Folding recumbent bikes workout XTERRA bikes provide you the capacity to exercise at home with relaxation. The framework of this bicycle is readily foldable which makes it possible to take it everywhere you would like. You don’t need to place the bike in 1 location, but should you would like to transfer it into various areas at home, it’s suitable for this fantastic bike.

It’s cost-effective and doesn’t consume space on account of the remarkable folding recumbent bikes feature. The wheels in the base of the bike permit you to transfer it readily unlike other significant bikes. Peddles are cushioned which keeps it easy for turning however long you want to workout.

The chair is cushioned and flexible as you work out. There are eight degrees together with the management system inside this bicycle which can help you keep an eye on the progress. The monitoring permits you to assess the time, distance, pulse, rate, and calories.

As you work out, you may consistently track the heartbeat to maintain the amounts handled. The handlebars are all strong-gripped to guarantee absolute control of the consumer.

  • Offers complete support to the consumer
  • Comfortable seat and pedals
  • Suitable handlebars
  • Easy tracking of pulse and rate
  • Different amounts to work out daily
  • LCD for monitoring progress
  • Adjustable peddle and chair
  • Foldable and easy to move
  • The lasting and long-term utilization
  • The seat cushion may feel stiff following long workout hours.
  • Compatibility 80% 80%
  • Riding 75% 75%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 85% 85%


If you’re experienced or just starting in fitness, the ideal addition to your house workout should function as an Exerpeutic 900XL recumbent bicycle. That’s What you need when

Beginning your workout routine. It stretches those leg muscles while still providing you with sufficient back support. It’s fairly appealing chiefly because it displays quality whenever it’s very well priced.

You will first notice that it’s a solid layout. It may take 300 pounds without even budging. The chair is quite wide because it’s supposed to manage wellness for many users.

Additionally, it is flexible to attain the pedal the way you desire. This is carried out by gliding using the railing to obtain the very best position. The recumbent design enables anybody to get in and out simple since it’s open.

The grips are to a fantastic degree you will not keep your elbows in an awkward place. All heights are all catered to with this particular seat.

What’s it all about this bicycle that brings one to it?

Characteristics and Functions

This bike comes carrying out a lot of exquisite capabilities. This demonstrates significance once you wish to challenge yourself because possible so by adjusting to eight adjustable resistance levels. The palms include heartbeat pads to monitor your pulse and deliver to the LCD display. It’s totally operational as you may also find precise outcomes of the space, calories, time speed distance of your fitness regimen.

It applies smooth spins to the cranks such that they move softly even at high rates. This facet is important so you can run different machines without even getting distractions out of the bicycle. The pedal cranks are comparatively broad to provide a stable foundation as your bicycle. You will like the way the straps prevent you from slipping or losing balance.

With this bike, you receive a superb design that isn’t just functional but also reliable for an ideal, low-impact routine. It’s not tough to maneuver around as it’s wheels. Seeing that it comes at a really competitive cost, you will find it really hard to maneuver it over.

  • The Plan is robust for users
  • It's a 3-year guarantee
  • The bicycle is easy to build
  • It's eight levels of resistance
  • The chair may feel stiff after exercising for long hours
  • Compatibility 75% 75%
  • Riding 80% 80%
  • Look 70% 70%
  • Rating 80% 80%

8) Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

But they’re an extremely reputed company that makes a vast assortment of high quality exercise fitness equipment that’s distributed by big, household-name retail businesses.

The Stamina Elite Recumbent Bike is a pliable stationary recumbent bike with a lot of amazing features, like being designed to get an entire body workout by adding hand pedals.

You do not need to plug in this bicycle into a socket for the screen to operate or to run the magnetic immunity. The foot pedals include security straps so that your feet do not slide off while pedaling.

Watch less

You’ll need to put some effort into the meeting but it is not too tough and once placed together it’s readily to maneuver around and shop.

The hand’s pedals are made to work your arms, back, and shoulders. This stationary bike was made to maintain a rider up to two-hundred-and-fifty lbs. It needs a distance of fifty by twenty-five inches.

  • compact layout with a silent magnetic resistance
  • scan capabilities of time speed, calories, distance, heart rate
  • top handlebars or reduced handlebars beside your chair
  • magnetic immunity


Schwinn High Timber is a great looking mountain bicycle for its adventure-loving men and women. It is outfitted with a pair of qualities that will provide you with thrilling riding experience.

  • Compatibility 75% 75%
  • Riding 70% 70%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 80% 80%

9. Diamondback 910SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

diamondback has made a name for themselves within the past several years by providing a number of their very best home exercise bicycles around. They supply a few ellipticals which are gaining a great deal of compliments also.

If it comes to recumbents, the 910Sr is the most sophisticated version to date and it has got a lot going for this.

Among the most noteworthy characteristics (plus one which actually sets this bike apart) is its own heavy flywheel. This version includes a 32 pound flywheel.

Considering most house recumbent bicycles include a flywheel from the 13 — 20 pound range, this bicycles flywheel is enormous. Heavier flywheels imply more opposition and smoother performance.

This heavy flywheel, when coupled with the 32 degrees of magnetic resistance and 32 exercise programs, provides the 910Sr the capability to keep up with the most advanced cyclists on the market.

Other noteworthy features include the heavy duty frame using a 325 pound weight capacity recumbent bike and a backrest which can be adjusted vertically.

The diamondback 910sr recumbent, such as pretty much all Diamondback bicycles, is lacking from the technology department.

No, this bicycle was created only for the purpose. And function it will

My main complaint with this bicycle is that the warranty- Diamondback simply guarantees that the frame for five decades.

I would anticipate a lifetime warranty on a bike of this quality. The remaining part of the guarantee is pretty adequate (3 years parts and one year labor).

  • Strong, heavy-duty frame
  • 325 pounds weight capacity
  • Cozy chair with adjustable backrest
  • 32 pounds flywheel
  • 32 degrees of immunity
  • 32 workout plans
  • Fast touch immunity and workout secrets
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor compatibility
  • Flexible handlebars
  • 5 year frame guarantee
  • Assembly directions could be improved
  • Compatibility 70% 70%
  • Riding 70% 70%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 75% 75%

10. Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

I told Diamondback was great, that managed to receive both of the recumbent bicycles on this listing. I really have the 510Ic, among the spin cycles, and it has been a fantastic buy. Diamondback is a favorite name in practice bikes because their goods are designed to last.

They also include fantastic customer services. I know this firsthand and I’ll say I was quite pleasantly surprised by my experience.

The 510SR is another recumbent model they give. This is actually the JV sort of the 910Sr we looked at in the above. Still a fantastic bike, but you will notice some substantial differences.

The 510SR includes 16 resistance levels and 20 distinct programmed workouts. That is more than sufficient to keep most riders occupied for a very long time to come.

This bicycle is a bit lacking in the tech section. If you’re interested in data monitoring and bluetooth syncing, then you’ll have to keep searching because this bike does not offer.

The 510SR is not harmonious with telemetry heart rate monitors. Taking into consideration the purchase price of this bike, it might have been a fine Diamondback during that time.

But if you would like that, you’ll need to update to the 910SR (or proceed with the cheaper Nautilus R616).

Such as the 910Sr, this bike also includes a fully adjustable chair. You can even adjust the elevation of the backrest to genuinely customize your match – a wonderful touch.

The frame is sturdy as well as the magnetic immunity system is topnotch. It’s a weight capacity of 300 pounds also, giving it the capability to manage most users securely.

If you’re seeking a simple to use, no excitement second hand bicycle, the Diamondback 510SR is a fantastic option. It has the exact same lackluster frame guarantee as to the 910Sr, but frankly, I am not concerned about the frame on both of those cycles breaking.

It does not offer you a good deal of the high tech features it has opponents do, but it is built like a tank and can be backed by excellent customer support (I can attest to this). I just wish it’d telemetry heart rate monitoring


  • Strong, step-thru frame
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable height backrest
  • Flexible handlebar angle
  • 20 workout programs
  • 16 levels of magnetic adjustable resistance
  • Built-in speakers
  • Adjustable speed cooling fan
  • USB charging interface
  • Great warranty
  • No bluetooth
  • No wireless chest strap grip
  • Subpar assembly instructions
  • Compatibility 75% 75%
  • Riding 90% 90%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 80% 80%

Guide for the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

A recumbent exercise bicycle could be a fantastic addition to your home fitness center — however they may also be a number of the more complex cardio workout machines available on the market. To wind up with the ideal version for you, it is vital to understand what attributes to search for in your bicycle.


Regardless of your budget or physical fitness objectives, contemplating these attributes can allow you to make a more educated decision in regards to purchasing!



Some people think Recumbent bikes are the same, right? Not really!

One is the chair layout.

Particular bicycles on our listing also feature distinct flywheel layouts. This is a significant advantage for seasoned riders, who want the additional challenge to increase their heart rate and get the most from the aerobic session.

Nonetheless, these flywheels have a tendency to be bulky and hard to style around.

At length, the pedal installation can also be crucial for any bike. While the particular

selection of design frequently comes down to personal taste, understanding the various categories might help you cross some choices from your listing.

Each bike will be different when it comes to the width and height between the pedals.

Some bicycles set up the pedals high so your legs are in chair level or greater when you’re running. Other people keep them down the staircase, which keeps cyclists able nearer to sitting as they pedal.

Whichever you believe you like is your choice. If you are unsure which to select, it can be a fantastic idea to try out some bicycles for yourself in a local health club and determine which ones you like best.


Footprint and Frame:


Their chair layout and pedal setup enable them to accommodate users and maintain up effortlessly during the toughest workouts.
Normally, this higher majority is not an issue, provided that you build the bicycle where you would like to utilize it. But, smaller riders might have a difficult time moving a second hand bicycle by themselves.

Should you intend on transferring your bicycle around after you have assembled it, then start looking for a version with built-in transport wheels.




While layouts can be quite similar among recumbent bicycles, immunity levels are the simplest way to separate various versions from one another.

Based on your previous biking expertise and physical fitness objectives, you will discover that one style may suit you much better compared to another.

1 big benefit of bicycles with loads of immunity levels is they provide room to grow. A vast assortment of resistance levels additionally supplies smoother transitions since you raise the tension. By the way, a bicycle with just eight degrees is going to have bigger gaps between the degrees compared to a similar model with 24 degrees.

Beyond levels of immunity, you might also assess the kinds of immunity each bicycle provides. Engineered resistance is normal on many midrange and luxury bikes since it is smooth, lasting, and nearly quiet.

Besides magnetic recumbent exercise bike resistance, you may also discover some bicycles that use wheels. While these do not need preset tension degrees — that the tension will constantly rise as you pedal faster, with no maximum limitation — they could be more challenging to exercise with, and also make more sound than their magnetic counterparts.


Pedal Design

Ensure the pedals possess highly textured surfaces that work to stop slips during workouts.


The Handlebar Style

The handle is just another feature you have to maintain a keen eye on. The handlebar must feature a gentle foam cushioning that can guarantee a comfortable and noninvasive grip to reduce injuries. Additionally, each handlebar must have double heartbeat rate sensors to offer you a real-time heartbeat reading in your machine’s LCD monitor screen.


Rotation Flywheel 

A fantastic recumbent bicycle option has flywheel spinning resistibility that simulates each of the biking terrains. In addition, it includes more exercise programs that assist you to work out much better. Additionally, be certain your machine slides quietly and includes an easy-to-use resistibility knob.

Last Word FOR Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

There are loads of alternatives to think about if you wish to buy the best recumbent exercise bike. Simply look closely at the attributes and consider your own personal needs.

Linking with nature is exactly what a recumbent exercise bike is all about. It brings back to consider all that’s emblematic of life generally.

Now that you have reached the end of the guide, you are more equipped to get a suitable recumbent bike for you. This is because at this point you know their attributes and everything you are getting for the price you’re paying for.

The last question is to be answered, from the very best recumbent exercise bike, which is the best? The number one among the list is not number 1 for no reason!

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