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Our Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollar In 2020  – Reviews

best mountain bikes under 500There are a lot of BEST MOUNTAIN BIKES UNDER 500 on the market which price under 500 bucks. But a mountain bike’s price tag is not necessarily the sole determinant of an Mtb quality therefore that it’s likely to property either high quality or crap mountain bike at this price range based upon the study you delve into before buying.

This presents a challenge for mountain bikers trying to purchase a fantastic mountain bike on a restricted budget. Whether you’re interested in an entry level hardtail bike, a complete suspension bicycle, or even a fat bike; with careful study, you may get an exceptionally good thing.

This post has researched several mountain bicycle options in the particular price range to assist buyers property the one which is quite appropriate. Additionally, it delves into the intricacies each Mtb enthusiast needs to think about if you’re searching for the very best mountain bikes under 500 Dollar.

That is why I’ll show you the ideal mountain bikes under 500 bucks.

These entry level mountain bikes are fantastic for occasional riders and riders, who don’t wish to invest a lot of money but would like to receive an adequate is lots of selection, but how can you know whether you’re getting the most bang for your dollar? We are available to assist.

With large brand names appearing to cater to the requirements of recreational mountain bikers, there has been a major gain in the caliber of bicycles out there for under 300 dollar.

Nowadays you can get your hands on a bicycle for a couple of hundred dollars that is constructed with fantastic suspension, exceptional gears plus a solid lightweight framework.

We frequently get questions from subscribers on mountain bicycles for under $500.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollar Comparision Table

1 Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike, 26″ Wheels.

If you intend on seeing moderate paths or ride downhill, then have a peek at the Schwinn Protocol. It sports an aluminum frame with a comfy dual-suspension method.

 Schwinn is interchangeable with biking and has the heritage and history to give quality.

 This is a bike for novice riders but will permit you to begin terrain riding without any fear of hurting it. It’s a metal aluminum frame and suspension framework to ensure it is resilient and strong.

It’s 24 rates to supply you with a decent number of gears for almost any riding intensity. As powerful as it’s the SR Suntour front suspension makes it a really comfortable riding bike and also a joy to ride.

 The Protocol 1.0 includes Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters for quick gear changes however extreme the journey is.

There’s also incredibly accurate stopping using the Guru Max front mechanical disk brakes significance you can feel protected in almost any conditions and rates.

 This bicycle is famous for its high-end rims and wheels and contains 26-inch wheels so that it could accommodate riders of all sizes. They also have a good grip whether it’s off-road riding or much more relaxed street riding.

 They unite to offer you powerful stopping power and management. Durable parts from Shimano and Promax make sure that the bicycle is reliable and productive.

  • Simple to build the bicycle. The virtually built front wheel is to be fitted which may be carried out by anyone.
  • 24 gear rate system causes it to be great to go choice for novices
  • Brakes are super nice in extreme or instantaneous ailments.
  • Front wheels do not execute that way that was anticipated by everyone from this bicycle.
  • Saddle or chair isn't acceptable for long rides that are comfortable
  • No choice or set to maintain a bottle.
  • Front wheels do not execute that way that was anticipated by everyone from this bicycle.


Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike, Light and powerful alloy rims encourage knobby mountain bicycles for lasting everyday riding.

  • Compatibility 75% 75%
  • Riding 72% 72%
  • Look 78% 78%
  • Rating 72% 72%

2. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback isn’t a brand new name in the subject of mountain bicycles and each of their versions is worth a trip. We’ll go over the model that defines design and affordability equally. 

Here is it has great features-: 


Constructed with butted 6061-T6 Aluminum metal Overdrive 29r frame. Making it lighter than the steel framework makes it rate quickly and simple to manage. This framework makes it effortless to drive and manage for novices.

Wheel dimensions —

This bicycle has a monster 29-inch tire dimension that makes any barrier appear small and some other terrain simple to cross. The speed and maneuverability are actually simple to manage compared to previously.


this mountain bicycle includes Shimano BR-M935 hydraulic brakes that perform exceptionally well in moist and muddy conditions, the time when many brakes don’t carry out. 

Additionally, it will come with thumb shifters, therefore it’s going to be rather easy to go from 1 gear to another. You will find a lot of these to catch you up any mountain, that is for certain.

  • Hard-to-believe
  • cost Sturdy and lightweight framework
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Nimble 27.5" brakes
  • Heavy spiral spring fork


Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike a massive improvement from V-brakes that are still frequently seen on low-cost bikes. Broad, with backpacks that are sharp, so they are acceptable for any sort of terrain. This can allow you to fall in love with mountain biking trails

  • Compatibility 90% 90%
  • Riding 90% 90%
  • Look 80% 80%
  • Rating 85% 85%

3 Gravity 2020 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Aluminum Frame

Gravity FSX 1.0 is just another mountain bike that you could purchase under 500 bucks. The bike looks stylish and sturdy by its own design. The suspension inside the framework will provide you the smoothest ride. Coupled with double disc brakes and Shimano’s gear shifter, it really is well worth checking out.

This is a real route riding bicycle that’s best mountain bikes under 500 that is hard to reach with how well it’s made.

The FSX 1.0 includes a hydroformed aluminum metal frame which has additional reinforcement and guarantees the maximum degree of power in all riding situations.

The places on the framework that get the most stress in a ride possess the maximum degree of power on this bicycle. To get a dual-suspension bicycle, it weighs in at just 26 lbs.

The gears are wholly manufactured from Shimano components such as ultra-light, but quite responsive, EFT shifters. This provides you with an extremely smooth changing encounter that provides 24 distinct gears.

It utilizes Tektro Novela disk brakes for quite a strong stopping power combined with quite controlled braking. It’s possible to provide slight squeezes and receive a fantastic answer without needing to apply a lot of pressure and pressure.

For an aluminum frame dual suspension bicycle, Gravity FSX 1.0 provides an enormous price



Gears —

The Gravity FSX 1.0 is outfitted with SHIMANO M190 Rear and Front Derailleur Gearing system that’s actually easy and changing gears don’t call for the added efforts.

Wheels —

We have the Dark 26 x 2.1 tires which will offer the smoothest ride wherever you’re riding it. The double suspension made the ride even better if you’re riding at the rough terrain.

Shade —

For Gravity FSX 1.0, we’ve got two color choices and that’s Yellow and Black. The Yellow frame along with the black wheels created that this item seems even better.

  • Adaptive Front and Back Yard.
  • There aren't many color options out there.
  • Smooth equipment shifting even throughout the off-road rides.
  • [i2consThe stock wheels aren't sufficient for off-road biking
  • [/i2cons]


 Gravity 2020 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike is ideal for the budding mountain biker. What’s more, the suspension system is completely flexible. It is possible to readily fine-tune the machine to acquire the smoothness you desire

  • Compatibility 85% 85%
  • Riding 85% 85%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 90% 90%

4. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels

the Schwinn Traxion includes big 29 inch wheels which will allow it to be a strong but smooth riding mountain bicycle.

Schwinn Traxion complete suspension is among the greatest mountain bikes that includes loads of features. Here is the fairly decent mountain bike version to select for you.

This is only one of the most common mid sized mountain bikes that you may use to strike any route type. It may guarantee that you could get speed while keeping full control. More surprisingly, you might have all while staying focused and comfy.

This mountain bicycle includes double suspension aluminum frame. While, an eventual premium suspension fork may guarantee excellent shock absorption.

If it comes to rate then this bicycle includes a Shimano EZ fire trigger equipment system with 24-speed.It’s possible to delight in a lightning quick gear change when you require it.

 Additionally, this mountain bike is all incorporating 29-inch wheels which may make it simpler to ride on hard paths. 2.25-inches knobby tires are wider enough to really have a good grasp to take care of stones, cracks and roots easily.



  • Aluminum Alloy Frame

  • 5-year warranty

  • 29 Inches size of wheels

  • Matte Black color for a sleek look

  • Shifters with Shimano EZ-Fire activate

  • Mechanical disc braking system on both rear and front wheels

  • Schwinn suspension fork

  • 24-speed

  • Hardtail mountain bike

  • Perfect looks
  • Premium quality
  • Perfectly handy on the roads bikes
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Best to experience a quieter ride.
  • Hardtail suspension may offer better scaling electricity
  • Gearing may require fine tuning
  • It will not have some lockout on front suspension.
  • Somewhat heavier


Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike is  complete suspension is among the greatest mountain bikes that include loads of features and best mountain bikes under 500

  • Compatibility 80% 80%
  • Riding 70% 70%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 80% 80%

5 Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Lightweight, Aluminum frame merchandise, designed especially to boost the mountain adventure, which can be among the least expensive products with best amenities. Merax Finiss retains a reasonable cost and can be under $300 and is famous on many selling sites.

On the lookout for a fantastic company up to this hill in this range with diverse attributes, Merax Finiss is among the greatest options, that includes 26″ Dual Wall Aluminum Rim Wheels for easy rolling.

The attributes are amazing and particularly if you’re searching for a few fantastic hardware, this option has no competition as it is the very best price available.

The weight of this bicycle is 33 lbs, and it’s not that mild but the very best at the budget. The leading shock available is using 80 millimeter travel but may be customized in accordance with the user need all you will need is to bring a little excess hard work and a few spare dollars, because undoubtedly there’s space for a number of changes.

Since one individual opts for ordering it by clicking on the button, so as it arrives, an individual may need to spare a while gathering and may require exceptional tools, but because there’s a manual available for this, things do not seem so hard.

The guide functions with both speech and image description to get improved comprehension of the goods and hence, an individual will not need in order to start looking for an expert.

But then some needs you, there’s likewise some structure near a specialist, where you are able to start looking for a local bicycle occupation and do it, particularly if this is the initial experience and you do not wish to split anything apart.

But for novices, Merax Finiss Mountain bicycle is a fantastic deal that saves a whole lot of your cash

  • It's the Most Affordable range using the services it offers
  • Most suited to fresher in the adventure of Mountain Biking
  • Available in a Assortment of colors, one for every taste
  • Heat treated aluminum designed for all kinds of environment
  • Smooth ride on bumpy surfaces
  • It is not much lightweight however the
  • best choice in the provided funding
  • The item is available in one size only


On a whole, this can be the ideal option for your fresher who is searching for not so hefty mountain bicycles and is great at the building while utilizing a manual.

The bicycle provides good functionality and can function both off-road and on and are prepared to confront all of the turbulence in a trek.

Additionally, biking enhances your metabolism as it is great exercise, entirely, therefore driving this secure and safe design would definitely keep you healthy and allow you to get a fantastic biking experience.

  • Compatibility 70% 70%
  • Riding 80% 80%
  • Look 85% 85%
  • Rating 80% 80%

6. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike,17-Inch

Mongoose Dolomite is the pick for an excellent fat bike mountain bike. The principal feature with this bicycle is obviously the super big tires. It occupies tough terrain but rides through sand and snow just like you’re on asphalt.

It may float over rocks while staying under control and no matter what the requirements you’ll be able to take out this bike to them.

Apart from its large tires that the Mongoose Dolomite includes a Shimano rear derailleur using seven distinct speeds. This enables it to conquer slopes while easily shifting between gears.

It’s a threadless headset that’s flexible so that it can accommodate riders of all dimensions along with front and rear disk brakes supply accurate stopping regardless of what conditions you decide to ride it’s in.

This bike includes shore cruiser peddles to supply you with a much more comfortable riding and supplies a pleasing ride through sand. It’s a super-sized beach cruiser framework as well that not just makes it strong and durable but pliable and responsive.

Are you seeking an ideal mountain bicycle that may unite the attributes of cruise bicycle and fat bike? This is the ideal choice for you to pick in this respect. Mongoose Dolomite is a go-to alternative for you to receive liberty of love riding an array of paths.

This mountain bicycle won’t ever allow you to compromise your relaxation and pleasure in any way. Since the framework of this Mongoose mountain bike is supposed to give you a relaxed place of riding.

While its fat tire bikes are effective at supplying you more control over hard mountain paths also. Even more, this may be an ideal choice for those people with hefty bodies overweight.

This will permit you to experience an extremely controllable ride through sand, sand, stones, etc.. Most commonly this bicycle is also called a fat bike due to its fatter than normal tires. Its 7-speed shifting attribute has the capacity to shoot you on hills easily.

  • Excellent bike to strike each one the off-road terrain
  • This mountain bicycle can allow you to appreciate more controlled, more comfortable and effective bicycle riding experience.
  • Simpler and fast to build.
  • For extra speed and functionality, the powerful, lightweight metal rims keep down the weight
  • Ride with shore cruiser pedals and assure safety front and rear disk brakes
  • These bicycle ships ready to be assembled.


Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s  Mountain BikeMore, the disk braking system on rear and front wheels can give you an efficient stopping power if you want it.

In general, this mountain bike was equipped with responsive and strong capabilities. So you cannot just control your ride efficiently. But may also enjoy the very best ever encounter with comfort and security in a better manner also the best mountain bikes under 500

  • Compatibility 80% 80%
  • Riding 75% 75%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 85% 85%

7. Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, Bicycle

If you’re anticipating a thing in an exotic black and red mix, cleansed using a matte look, this one could be the ideal selection for significantly less than 500 dollar. The daring design with all the horizontal handle holding a rubberized grip makes the item look more tasteful.

The mountain bicycle appears quite handy due to the compressed layout and looks lightweight also which would definitely extend the rate of this ride. Therefore, if you’re trying to find a ride that brings up goosebumps, then this bicycle is well worth an attempt.

The item belongs to Schwinn, the firm assembled in 1895 in Chicago, and since the provider is serving the planet with the bicycles revamping at each stage dependent on the universal consumer necessity.

The mountain encounter is though hard individuals like to choose, so in order to boost a safe experience, the business collaborated with the famous Shimano so as to evolve the best product with minimal cost.

Who says that appealing layouts undermine comfort since this masterpiece is appealing but provides a fantastic ride also. The item is constructed with aluminum framework together with strong Schwinn suspension fork potent enough to soak up all of the external pressures and also make it shock resistant because of its riders, especially in the event of rough terrain, bumpy terrains.

The shock absorption isn’t in accordance with the scale of a complete suspension ride, but nevertheless makes it secure whilst cutting the end on top altitudes.



  • 29 Wheels quantify

  • high-profile Lighting alloy rims

  • Shimano goods to Improve the equipment experiences

  • Easy upkeep

  • Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters enabling a rate of 24 components

  • All products under famous companies without gearing up the cost of the bicycle
  • Easy and easy gear shift to Prevent a troubling encounter
  • Alloy rims which make it light in weight
  • Merchandise Beneath a 5-year warranty
  • Can carry all weights and heights over it
  • There Isn't Any lock available
  • One Should purchase accessories that don't come along the Item


Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, If a person is searching for something that’s comfortable, secure, compact, easily kept, attractive, elegant, durable and the rest of the qualities needed with a mountain bike.

This isn’t worth a miss since each of the characteristics you obtain the best mountain bikes under 500, you do not need to be worried about anything.

Another perk from this listing is the off-track offer, a 5-year guarantee that’s a rare feature provided by all of the businesses which sell mountain bikes, so the offer is well worth a consideration.

  • Compatibility 75% 75%
  • Riding 80% 80%
  • Look 70% 70%
  • Rating 80% 80%

8. Kent KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch

Well, some may be wondering if there have been a few distinctive mountain rides designed particularly for one pair of sex, which means that you can quit wondering since there’s 1 piece that’s created for guys. The layout, the look, the attributes, everything makes it daring enough and the marketplace call this bike made specifically for the male community.

As its name implies the dual-suspension mountain bicycle provides a rate of 21 units is currently available on the market using its very best cost that’s only 200 dollars that’s far less than the funding and today, you can save something on your dinner due to this ride cost you from less than anticipated.

The item is initially designed under the advice of shogun set launching the version name KZ2600, in which the layout is oriented towards the need for mountain bicycle features. Because the need is to earn the merchandise tough, the bicycle is full of extra suspension.

The business may not be old, however, the product is started with great excellent aluminum frame and Shimano speed shifters that may allow it to be an ideal choice because both price and design cannot be dismissed specifically by the guys.

The rims are generated by the metal with 36 spokes which make them seem appealing, the colour combination differs in another choice and particularly if a person is searching for something in crimson at a darker gray end with a tint of blue so as to improve the look, this may be a fantastic alternative since the purchase price is ideal to


  • Pure aluminum framework with complete dual suspension which makes it a secure driveway
  • The rate is very impressive since it may be used to ride past a race track
  • The layout is striking and is individual unique keeping in mind that the anthropometrics
  • Shimano products make it more deserving
  • The bicycle is Suitable for many dimensions of individuals
  • There Is Not Any Particular range for girls
  • Not much colour fashions available
  • For many, the general parts Aren't much efficient since the cost is less, but it can still function for a few


The Kent KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is suggested for men due to its design that’s suited to guys that take more leg size and need larger leg area.

This is designed bearing in mind that the mountain bicycle features and is well worth a try, since the price tag is convenient. The rate is fine, it is only that in some circumstances the components aren’t that fantastic quality but is somebody can fix with that the decision is fantastic for novices.

  • Compatibility 75% 75%
  • Riding 70% 70%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 80% 80%

9. Schwinn S29 Mens Mountain Bike, 29-Inch Wheels

If someone is searching for more choices with the newest one in vogue, that’s the fat tire bike and also searching for chances to the same, this one is well worth a look. This may be helpful for the individuals that are craving with this incredibly ravishing set however their pocket does not enable much and for people who seem, the responses right here, that the Mongoose fat bike with fat wheels might succeed in your lawn.

Mongoose, founded back in 1974, at the California area is a new which serves the people with the creation of their very best mountain bicycles. They were those who pioneer the bike borders and hence, purchased a revolution in the sector by introducing the full-suspension mountain bicycle frames so as to bear in mind not only the layout but safety and safety of the riders.

They taught the world which delight has no limitations and their bicycles explain it all because the layout does not restrict you whatsoever. Instead, the bicycle isn’t only created for a secure ride in the street but within the bridge or scaling the undulated mountain.

It will not even slide over the fresh snow. Considering that the tires are broad enough and therefore, more especially are conditions as fat, they’re attached within a supersized frame to satisfy the expectations of different terrains one face whilst doing their daring treks.

Malus retains the floor firm due to the width and any being no matter what size it conveys can ride the bicycle with ease since it can withstand all types of pressures throughout the operation.

  • 26-inch fat-tire bikes specially made to compete for the current fashion
  • available in two different colours and may be opted according to taste
  • compacted and do not require a special place at the garage
  • the fat tires with additional suspension make it secure
  • The layout is unisex and Can Be Purchased by anybody
  • The speed control, though is precise the rate as compared to others is market
  • The spare parts, if needed, could be expensive
  • No particular colour choices because it's more oriented towards silver


You will find very few choices out there in fat tire bikes products as you always retain a restricted budget. Furthermore, if a thing is in fashion one generally opts for purchasing something which is costlier compared to the rest and that what raises the need of this product.

since if you’re into maintaining your lifestyle current, then this really is your right choice since you don’t need to spend much on this bit since the purchase price is fair.

 The wheels are broad enough that not only suits each terrain but also allow it to shock absorbent because it might allow it to live in each possible circumstance.

The bicycle is safe for many age classes. Therefore, when searching for pursuing an option that’s not just trendier but also supplies instant speed change in accordance with the budget, I’ll suggest you should take it.

  • Compatibility 70% 70%
  • Riding 70% 70%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 75% 75%

10. Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Mountain Bike

Those searching for another person particular bicycle, there’s an alternative for a women’s bicycle, specially designed bearing in mind the measurement and anthropometrics of girls, a product in this way is designed keeping in mind all of those gorgeous women who prefer to taste risk. The dimensions and the colour also will be to produce the woman look more ravishing whilst riding this fabulous piece.

Who says that black isn’t the color of girls, because this tasteful design is for those women that are daring enough to overlook that the softness and are prepared to take this adventuresome ride by itself.

The Raleigh bikes model layout functions on providing simplicity to its customers and consequently, this item comes partially constructed, only some elbow grease, as well as the item, is prepared to land on the floor and away to get a ride within the daring, resilient, rugged terrains.

The item requires minimal construction time changing from 30 to 120 minutes keeping into account the person is a ride or brand new in riding career since if the individual is brand new, it may take approximately 120 minutes.

But nevertheless, there’s always a choice to seek advice from a specialist and search for a local bicycle shop for help as a spare hand functions nicely.

The business is also offering online videos and chats to help in building. The item has style and quality with all the pinch of the rate that’s a relevant necessity as it must be a mountain bicycle.

The product is established by a 130 years old company and this institution works on developing an adventure that’s well worth a choice and all this together with all the budget is a fantasy come true. This machine is durable and always up for a ride on high altitudes, regardless of what type of surface it must bear.

The goods build belong to great companies remembering the security, particularly the hydraulic brakes that raise the safety percent to double. The plan is for all of the girls who like to ride.

  • Aluminium framework Which Makes It more lasting
  • Particular brake levers Remembering the necessity of the Person
  • Partially constructed and therefore reduces the building time
  • Hydraulic brakes Remembering the secure
  • Black is the only colour and there are not many options available for this
  • One Must check about the dimensions before Purchasing the item


The item is well worth purchasing since this has a revolution inside the sector of all of the new riders that are switching their livelihood and coming out to combine the challenging league.

It retains a spark and distinct sizes are able to effect a person opt for the ideal fit. This makes the riding experience much more comfortable. Prepared to get a trip, there cannot be a better choice than this mountain bicycle.

  • Compatibility 75% 75%
  • Riding 90% 90%
  • Look 75% 75%
  • Rating 80% 80%

Guide to buy best mountain bikes under 500

Possessing a $500 max does not actually offer you the broadest choice, but you have a great deal more to choose from those using slightly smaller funding.

A number of the very same factors still apply however, let us look at a few.


You will find three distinct kinds of mountain bicycles; hardtail bikes with fork suspension facing rigid bicycles with no suspension along with the entire suspension front and rear fork suspensions.

Mountain bicycles with stiff suspension would be the least expensive and need much less maintenance. You’ll receive shock absorption to front-wheel but nothing over the trunk.

Frame Material

Aluminum metal is a great alternative for mountain bicycles. This is because the substance is really lightweight and durable. Although steel isn’t costly and incredibly durable, it’s heavy. Out of those, we are left with one alternative.

Wheel Size

You will find three wheel dimensions when it comes to mountain bicycles: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. Twenty-six-inch wheels are comparatively standard for bicycles and are a fantastic alternative for the beginner or casual riders since they provide lots of hands.

Bikes with 27.5-inch wheels represent a fantastic middle ground between the typical 26-inch bicycles and the bigger, 29-inch versions.

These provide greater freedom over mountainous terrain whilst still maintaining a good amount of management. Twenty-nine-inch brakes are directed at the more competitive rider, you looking to keep momentum and readily handle obstacles on the road


Brakes are crucial to secure mountain biking. We’ve got disk brakes and rim brakes available. The prior is strong and appropriate for all sorts of situations. Even though the latter offer strong grips but not all of the time.

Last Word

There are loads of alternatives to think about if you wish to buy a Best mountain bike under 500. Simply look closely at the attributes and consider your own personal needs.

Linking with nature is exactly what mountain bike riding is all about. It brings back to consider all that’s emblematic of life generally.

Now that you have reached the end of the guide, you are more equipped to get a suitable mountain bicycle for you. This is because at this point you know their attributes and everything you are getting for the price you’re paying for.

The last question is to be answered, from the very best mountain bikes under 500, which is the best? The number one among the list is not number 1 for no reason!

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