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Best Kids 16 Inch Bikes – OUR TOP 6 REVIEWS & GUIDE IN 2020 

Best Kids 16 Inch BikesIf your child loves biking or perhaps you love biking then you want to make sure you are getting them a bike that they can grow their skills on with all the bikes on the market however it can be confusing to know which bike to buy and how they stack up against each other!

Best Kids 16 Inch Bikes generally fit children as ancient as 4-years-old and permit for expansion until they are 5 or more 6-years-old. In reality, for many equilibrium motorcycle graduates, a 16 inch bicycle will generally be their very first bike.

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With this page, you will get all of my recommendations that will fit your requirements; best worth, budget types, lightweight, or people specially intended for girls.

1. RALEIGH Bikes MXR 16 Inch Kids Bikes


Impressively lasting, the Raleigh MXR gives a smooth, comfortable ride and will certainly last for several years. With marginally lower-rise handlebars, it works better for daring youngsters that are very likely to move over small jumps or curbs.

While not suggested for very aggressive riders (we’ve yet to come across a bicycle under $200 that’s acceptable for competitive riders), the MXR is your ideal option for adventurous riders on a budget.

A basic construct with a coaster brake, zero hand-brakes, and regular elements, the MXR is not top notch, but for $170 it is a fantastic bike for the price and surely worth the additional cost in comparison with big-box shop $75 bicycles. The MXR lineup can be accessible 12″ and 20″ bicycle tire dimensions.

The seat height array coupled with all the standover height creates the MXR a perfect fit for children with 18″ to 21″ inseams.



20.0 lbs.


Aluminum low standover

Wheel Size


Training Wheels



Coaster brake




One speed




  • Available in blue and green
  • Cozy vertical geometry for local cyclists
  • Adaptive for the cost and dimensions
  • Durable and basically maintenance-free
  • Tall minimum seat height for a 16" bicycle
  • Coaster brake, no hands brake
  • Effort had to Begin pedaling
  • Compatibility 95% 95%
  • Riding 92% 92%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 94% 94%

 2. Guardian Bikes Ethos – Best Kids 16 Inch Bikes

Guardian is one of the major kid’s bicycle brands in the industry now. They are a really innovative brand that presents its own patents like Sure Stop Technology.

It is an interactive tool we’ve constructed specifically for our bicycles that will assist you to decide on the ideal size for your child according to their age and height. It shows you the way the bike will match, and it lets you know how much time it will match.

The Guardian Ethos includes a lightweight steel frame, which makes it effortless to control while still durable enough to secure your own kid. Like every Guardian bicycle, it is kid-tested to be secure and enjoyable to ride.

The entire bike was made in a way to decrease weight. The weight is based in the center so the bicycle offers more stability and control for a kid because they ride.

  • Quicker SureStop Brake System
  • speed Free of coaster brake
  • Quick release adjustable seat grows with your child
  • Geometry and components engineered for children proportions
  • Little bit heavy for kid
  • Compatibility 80% 80%
  • Riding 75% 75%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 80% 80%

3. Retrospec Koda 16 Inch Kids Bikes

The Retrospec Koda is yet another great option for a funding 16″ children bicycle.

Despite the fact that the steel frame is much thicker, this bicycle is optimized using a one-piece fold and a great deal of additional protection.

The broad and grippy tires are best for both off-road and on, and even irregular sidewalks. Additionally, it is equipped with a complete chain guard, water bottle, and a gentle palate grip.

What is also helpful for parents is that Koda comes 95% assembled so that it does not require a whole lot to find this bike ready for the street as soon as you take it all home.


Age Range

3 – 7 years

Child Height Range (Inches)

35″ – 47″

Coaster & Sidepull FrontBrake Type

Rear Coaster & Sidepull Front

Training Wheels

Bike Weight

20 lbs

  • Safe, Easy Braking
  • Kid-Approved multiple Colors
  • Comes with 95% assembled
  • Rear coaster brake
  • front side pull brake
  • front wheel unfitted
  • brake calipers are cheap
  • Compatibility 85% 85%
  • Riding 85% 85%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 80% 80%

4. Schwinn Scorch Boy’s Bicycle, 16″ Wheels, with Training

The Schwinn SmartStart Series is an affordable line of bicycles that are intended to produce a more comfortable, secure, easy-to-pedal bicycle for young riders. Offered in a number of styles and from several retailers.

Schwinn’s SmartStart Series assortment of bicycles (which comprises the Elm and Scorch) is a significant step up from cheap big-box shop bicycles.SmartStart bicycles can be found in 12″ to 20″ size bicycles.

The bike itself was easy to assemble though unpacking it took nearly as long as assembling it. It’s quite sturdy, better than expected. The geometry is great for kids who will grow with the bike until they get 20” or 26” wheels on a bigger at age 5+.

To Create a bicycle easier for kids to ride, Schwinn handled three Main issues of kids’ bicycles. it’s considerably lighter than the equally priced 24 pounds. When you can, it’s ideal to buy a bicycle with no more than 30 percent of your child’s weight.


Geared Bike





20.6 lb.

Seat Height

20.5″ – 24.5″

Frame Material


Tire Size


Brake Type

Coaster w/ Hand Brake(s)



Gain Ratio


Handlebar Height



711 mm

Bottom Bracket Height


Available Colors

Purple, Yellow

  • Easy-to-ride
  • Multiple color
  • Adaptive for the price
  • Finicky handbrake
  • Compatibility 90% 90%
  • Riding 85% 85%
  • Look 90% 90%
  • Rating 95% 95%

5. Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids

The Schwinn Elm is a great bike for teaching your child to ride with confidence the Elm features a smart start design which has been carefully calibrated to a child’s proportions for a comfortable ride and ideal riding position.

It includes a tool-free adjustable seat post to easily accommodate different heights Plus rear poster and front hand brakes ease the transition to a bigger handbrake only bike when they’re ready the Elm also features a saddle handle making it easy to comfortably carry or tow the bike or hang it for simple storage the Elm.

Elm is available in a range of wheel sizes from 12-inch models that fit ages two to four all the way up to a 20-inch model that fits ages six and up removable training wheels are included on models with 12 to 18 inch wheels to help your child get started and like all Schwinn bikes the Elm comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike learning to ride is easy with the elm by Schwinn

Wheel Size

16-Inch Wheels

Suggested Rider Age

3-5 Years Old

Suggested Rider Height

38-48 Inches

Training Wheels Included

Saddle Handle Included

Front Basket Included

Available Colors

Teal, Purple, and Pink


  • durable steel frame
  • Fantastic look
  • rear coaster brake and front caliper brake
  • CHEAP manufacturing
  • Compatibility 80% 80%
  • Riding 85% 85%
  • Look 80% 80%
  • Rating 85% 85%

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Kids 16 Inch Bikes In 2020


6 Things to Think about Before Purchasing 16″ Kids Bikes.There are lots of points to take into account before you jump headfirst into purchasing a bicycle for your little one.

Let us have a deeper look at if a 16″ bicycle is appropriate for the child.



1) First age between 4 to 6

Your child’s age is a great starting point.


As it pertains to 16″ bicycles, it is generally suited to youngsters aged between 4 to 6. But, you should not just rely on age because most children do not grow exactly the exact same in size through recent years.

The next step is to ascertain that their inseam measurement.

 However, what is an inseam?

The inseam is a duration measured from the crotch to the ground.

Ensure both feet are on the floor and the kid is standing right and still.

Inseam length if you are trying to ride 16″ bicycle ought to be between 18″ to 22″.

When the inseam measurement falls outside of the range, you may need to keep in mind dividing to 20″ or right down to 14″.

2) Size


A 16 inch bicycle is usually the best match to buy for 4 and 4 5-year-olds. If your kid is currently 6 or is a really tall 5-year-old, a 20 inch bicycle also needs to be considered to permit more space for expansion.

If this bicycle is the kid’s initial pedal bicycle after an equilibrium bicycle, the bike’s seat ought to be placed at or just under their inseam measurement. This permits a child to sit down on the chair and readily place down their feet to secure themselves or block the bike.

If your child has mastered pedaling, you ought to set the bicycle’s chair about two ″ over the child’s inseam to allow for maximum efficacy while pedaling.

Inside the 16 inch wheel dimensions, there’s a really large selection of seat peaks. To allow for the large room for expansion, locate a bicycle that has a minimum seat height which functions as near as possible for your child’s perfect seat setting (that will vary according to the inseam and whether this is the child’s first pedal bicycle ).

3) Weight

After making sure a bicycle is the ideal size, the following most important matter to consider is weight reduction.

When comparing two bicycles, I’ll always select the lightest one. It makes a massive difference in a kid’s pleasure level and how long they could ride.

Try to find a motorbike it’s no extra than 30 percent of your child’s body weight (hard isn’t always it)?

4) brakes


Coaster brakes (rear pedal brakes) are usually located on 16 inch bicycles, but they are able to impair a child’s ability to learn how to pedal whilst balancing a bicycle. Why?

When studying how to pedal and equilibrium on a bicycle, children (such as adults!) Inherently pedal backward when trying to regain their equilibrium. If the bicycle has a coaster brake, pedaling backward unintentionally turns on the bicycle’s brake, which slows down the bicycle and often contributes to a crash. With no coaster brake, pedaling backward to recover equilibrium is not an issue.

Because of this, we much prefer bicycles without roller wheels and with secondhand handwheels which are easy for little hands to function.

5) tires

Many 16″ bicycles include pre-assembled tires which consist of internal tubes and bicycle itself.

Air-filled tires are comfier to ride since you’re able to control the atmospheric pressure. A decrease in air pressure provides a more relaxing ride, particularly for driving off-road. 

If you are riding on the street, you may want to go to get a slightly higher air strain to reduce the greater rolling resistance.

6) Coaching Wheels

You will notice that some 16″ bicycles include training wheels while some do not.

This is only because 16″ bicycles are directly on the border where a few children already know how to ride a bicycle, but a few are just beginning.

If your child is just beginning, it’s miles counseled to get one with education wheels so that you don’t have to get them separately. Ensure they’re readily detachable after your child perfects their balancing skills.

Final Words!


You have understood the suitable bike on your own, right?

Want to know the best part?

It Is Time To Take Decision!

Kids bikes simply are the fine way to move if you’re new to cycling and want to move reasonably rapidly over a whole lot of terrains however still stay comfortable.

They’re great all-around bikes.

However, do you really want to find the cheap one?

The full list of the ideal 5 Best Kids 16 Inch Bikes we propose in this guide may help you make easier decisions

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